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Making home maintenance

Simple, reliable and affordable

Enabling the

Next generation of scrap disposal in India

ScrapQ is an end to end buying and selling platform for your scrap commodities. It's much like Uber for scrap. We worked with ScrapQ to build them a robust platform to manage appointments, agents, schedules. A huge number of agents run our mobile app, and a CRM aids operators at the ScrapQ HQ to manage and run things, and the consumer talks to the system using an iOS/Android version of the consumer app.



We have worked with ThingSphere on multifaceted IoT solutions. Our stack for IoT can be used to deliver sophisticated connectivity solutions, data analytics, real time messaging - for Industrial IoT applications, Connected Cars, Healthcare and Smart Cities.



BiznessAnalytics is a global data & analytics services provider. We worked with them for multiple projects that contributed to their product offerings.



Match Poker played by teams, contest based on player's skills not chance

Match Poker is a poker application where different members can form a team and play. Teams are split into different tables and each player plays against members from other teams. All the players will start with equal number of chips and receive the cards digitally on their device. This application has breakthrough features like playing tournaments online, game replay etc. IESoft team built an iOS native application for MatchPoker using Swift.


The Fit Indian

Revolutionizing personal healthcare

For India


A Complete Mobile wallet solution integrating retailers, consumers and banks


Ultra low power IOT platform

For Smart Homes and Commercial Applications

Restaurant ordering system

Your Online Ordering Platform.

Payment Gateway for a European bank

Payment Gateway for a European bank

Platform to share and do favors for the community

Platform to share and do favors for the community

Scanning and Tracking system for Liquor

Scanning and Tracking system for Liquor

We have worked with StrategyConnect on multiple business intelligence projects for Banking and E-commerce Industries. We used a wide set of business intelligence tools and technologies to provide the solutions in the areas of business analytics, data analysis and dashboard reporting(KPIs and Metrics).


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