Big Data Analytics & Visualization

Processing humongous amounts of data is only a part of the problem. We define our data solutions into 4 major divisions.

  • Platform: This is how we process data using our pipelines. This involves extracting and structuring key components of the data in hand
  • Analytics: How we get vital statistics out of the data using substantial domain knowledge. Feature engineering is also a key part of this division.
  • Visualization: Data once analyzed needs to be presented in a comprehensible way. This is a sophisticated challenged that is not as much about the volume of data, but more so the complexity of its dimensions and domain.
  • Learning: We use mathematical modeling, statistical analyses that are intertwined to our analytics and feature engineering division to bring develop the best possible models to fit the data and predict.

We are good at crunching numbers

“Data is the new oil.”

– Clive Humby, UK Mathemetician and Architect of Tesco’s Clubcard, 2006

And that’s motivation enough for us to build faster, better systems to process and unearth information from data to build a better tomorrow.

Our Clients

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