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"Concepts stun. Ideas rage. Passion prevails."
When we put ourselves to the task of building things.

When we build products, we push ourselves to great extents to get the best user experience, the best of business, for things that matter to people. Our two products have been crafted with care, and matured with time - and are still growing. We believe it's still early stages for them to even have realized full potential, and so we spend sleepless nights to build them better.

Raising the bar for e-commerce in UAE

PriceJugaad is a price comparison and product discovery platform for the e-commerce industry. It has a growing customer base in the UAE region.

A huge number of products are offered by several manufacturers and sellers with similar sets of features. And there are hundreds of websites out there offering products.

And there is a price war going on out there, with sellers competing with each other changing prices each minute. It becomes increasingly complex to decide what to buy and where to buy it from for an individual like you and me. PriceJugaad is built to target and eliminate this problem, by making decisions simple, guided by information.

A better way to shop online

We saw better traffic than most among the top 5 e-tailers in UAE in just a few months post launch


PriceJugaad not only aggregates data but it understands what it sees. It can differentiate between old, and new devices. Devices with bad reviews, the specifications of devices and so on.


PriceJugaad UAE sources data from approximately 30 online stores. Each price change is being tracked, each product addition is watched. This enables it to compare the product offerings of each of those sites side by side - without being judgemental.


Since it has all kinds of information about a given product, discovery is made easy. The most common ways people discover products are by Brands, Prices and Reviews.


One of the most intangible thing valued by PriceJugaad is how it estimates the value offering of a device. It understand is a product is value for money or not. It does this by comparing the manufacturer specified specifications with actual reviews of users, and then taking a look at the price it's being offered at.


We are diverting traffic to a huge number of stores in UAE. Most of the websites have a fractional traffic to that of PriceJugaad. We are playing a substantial role in the development of e-commerce in UAE.

Adding a new dimension to financial tools in UAE

Empowering people to make better financial decisions

Raising the bar for e-commerce in UAE

MyMoneySouq's goal is to educate people about the various financial products & services and help them make smart decisions when finding various financial instruments that they can benefit from. Whether it entails a loan, an insurance policy or a credit card or savings account, MyMoneySouq will help you learn more about what’s available, while helping you explore the best options.

MyMoneySouq offers up-to-date information on the latest trends in the world of money and managing your funds. Through the website you learn about new developments, offers and even find assorted tips on investments helping you choose what to do with your money.

Remember, your money is important and you need to manage it the right way. You can always get the most out of your money when used properly and invested in the right place. Take a look around MyMoneySouq and you will see plenty of great solutions that will help you get the most out of what you are investing in with your hard earned money.

Save something today; Your future self will thank you for it!

The best investment in your life is the time you spent on your personal finance. MyMoneySouq brings the world of personal finance at your fingertips and saves a lot of your time by providing a single platform to search and compare the different financial products.

A pledge towards economic prosperity

Technology is our sweet spot and we take pride in what we have built over time. Check out for own successful products in market. Also, look out for the list of clients we have worked with.